Referral Program
Call us at 478.213.1983 or fill out the referral form below to refer your friend.

Why We Do Referrals

Our mission is to enable people to serve more people through innovative software and web solutions. In other words, through our services, we HOPE to add value to businesses.

We believe people naturally want to share things they value with family and friends. Our hope with our referral program is that you value what we do for people and will share it with the people you know. And as a token of our appreciation, we will pay you for doing so!

We'll write you a check for $25 bucks for anyone that you refer to us in which we get an appointment. When your referral becomes a client and spends at least $1,000, a bonus check of $50 bucks is then sent to you. To top it off, we will give your friend a $100.00 discount.

Here's How It Works

Three Ways To Refer Someone

  • Fill out the Referral Form below.
  • E-mail your referral to DJ Decker
  • Call us with your referral at: 478.213.1983

The Process

Step 1: We'll call and schedule an appointment.
Step 2: When we get the appointment we'll send you $25 bucks.
Step 3: If your friend becomes a client of ours, we will send you an additional $50 bucks.
Step 4: We will also give your friend a $100 discount off our services.

Referral Form

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